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One of the effective way of communication is WhatsApp, for schools, colleges, and educational institutes. It has become a new role for all students.

With messaging and WhatsApp marketing taking a strong lead, marketers are using such platforms, and more, to make the most out of their budgets to reach out to all potential customers. Educational Institutions are advised to do the same, especially if they wish to bridge the communication gap with all their potential students, teachers, and parents. 

Experts at Wecomm have years of experience in developing such programs for educational institutions. Through the following strategies, they ensure a maximum reach: 

Custom Application Design; Including a long list of features, tailored down to your needs, our professionals focus on effective marketing through mobile campaigns, audience profiling, and reporting analysis. The best part? They are all customizable, focusing on delivering a personalized message. 

Prompt Message Deliveries; By ensuring that all your marketing messages reach your consumers in time, Wecomm helps you make the most bang for your buck through prompt message deliveries.

Why should WhatApp and Message Marketing should be an integral part of your institution's branding and marketing strategy:

How to use Whatsapp for Schools

How We Help You Reach Out to All Your Consumers with A Single Bell 

Accurate Marketing Targets: Through profiling all your potential consumers, i.e. students and parents beforehand, we ensure that we can maximize your reach in the market. 

  • Content Perfected Through Professionals: With content rendered down specifically to your needs by professional writers, we guarantee to deliver error-free message content to all your students, teachers, and parents alike. An engaging content, without a doubt, speaks a lot about your educational institution than you can think! 
  • Steadfast Messaging Campaigns: Using a cross-channel approach, our team of professionals integrate different mobile channels to get your marketing message across.

After all, Wecomm is known to communicate your goals and objectives through a single bell via messages and WhatsApp texts. 


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