Digital PR

Do you remember the last time you used the daily newspaper or magazine to find out crucial information? Especially when looking for an educational institution that proves quality educational services?

We can’t either! Simply because this generation relies solely on the internet. 

So, how can your educational institution be more accessible to the students and parents looking for your services? 

Founded to be the steppingstone of Digital Branding, Digital PR, or Digital Public Relations are the most important tool marketers use these days to improve their standing in their respective markets. Consisting of a strong web presence through the use of the advanced Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing tools, educational institutions that make use of Digital PR usually find themselves ranked at the top of the internet’s search listings

Why to opt for DIGITAL PR?

Get a chance to feature your Institute India's Top-Notch tabloids!

and many more....

Frequently asked questions

Digital PR is a way to create brand awareness by put it infront of your audience via online news media. 

No, we don’t allow selection of specific tabloids to get published in. We have divided tabloids in categories A&B. Category A has all the top Indian and National media like Hindustan Times, The Times of India, BW Business World etc and Category B has a little lesser circulation and local media. So PR offer includes 3 Category A media and 6 Category 2 media. These could be random media houses. Although you can suggest media house you want and we can try to get your publication, but it’s not guaranteed.