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Best Digital Marketing action plans for Education Sector

The Continual Growth of Education Sector: 

The growth of the Education sector in today’s world is multidisciplinary in nature. It is an evergreen sector which has reported continual progress since the ancient time. At the time of the colonial era, education had a very limited reach. It was an activity associated only with the elite class. With the end of the colonial era in the midst of the 20th century, almost half of the world has adopted democracy as the rule of law. This has not only promoted educational rights but has also made sufficient social reforms to build a pro-education environment. Later in the 1960s, the revolution has taken speed with the inception of the internet. The use of the internet has made information dissemination faster. The introduction of 2G and 3G services has shaped online learning up to a certain extent. The recent introduction of 4G is the biggest breakthrough that has given the most required thrust in this sector. Now the education sector has its wide presence everywhere with the help of digital marketing. 

As per a current survey of UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific & Cultural Organization), digital marketing techniques have contributed positively towards integrated learning. Its effective strategies and action plans have made things more transparent and impactful. Now education is reaching the doors of the people. Its easy usage and affordable pricing have made it a widely accessible tool. Today it is one of the continuously growing sectors with huge futuristic potential ahead. 

Now let us discuss the best digital marketing action plans in the educational sector to build a better framework. 

1. Mobile Optimization: 

  • The current figures on usage of the internet have revealed that the number of mobile users has surpassed laptop/desktop users. Mobile has thus become the most common source of the internet today. Hence, it is necessary to develop mobile-friendly applications and websites to have a huge audience base. 
  • The easy access to the internet through mobile phones has made things much convenient for users. Almost every individual around the world is mobile-friendly today. Mobile optimization can disseminate information 24/7. 
  • Whatever we see continuously saves us in our passive memory. Optimization of marketing strategies with mobile make an everlasting impact on the choice of user. It can enhance the convertibility rate much faster. 

2. Use of Technical SEO: 

  • Today in a rapidly changing scenario, SEO is no longer related to keywords or language only. It is more of a technical task now. Technically strong websites are only at the top today. 
  • Web browsers like Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera are constantly updating their algorithm. To be listed on the top in terms of search options, you need to have technically oriented web pages with optimum keyword density. 
  • Avoid technical glitches like 404 errors, broken/missing SML sitemaps, slow web page loading times, and reproduced/irrelevant content. Use accurate and specific content to catch pace with web algorithms. 
  • For on-campus placements, you can utilize digital marketing strategies to develop better relations with job-oriented companies looking for a fresh pool of candidates. Highlight your market-specific core streams. 

3. Conversion oriented Content: 

  • Content is the core of any subject. It should neither be too technical nor too fancy. Proper articulation of facts and figures is a must to structure a better framework. 
  • The main objective of content should be a ‘better conversion rate’. It should bring sufficient awareness to get rid of rumors and misinformation. 
  • The required content can be generated by describing sufficient details like brand value, amenities, infrastructure, faculty details, alumni network, fee structure, and placement records. It can persuade a number of students directly. 

4. Ad Managed Placements: 

  • It is a process of placing your PPC ads on relevant web pages that are related to your program. For example, if you want to launch a course in data management then it is beneficial to place your ads on websites of data education. 
  • Try to display your ads on web pages related to higher education, career counseling, and job-related domains. It can easily fetch a large number of potential clients. 

5. Podium Identification: 

  • It is very much necessary to know the interest of your audience. Before making any digital marketing strategy always identify the current mood of the market by analyzing their online activities. 
  • Try to have a general idea of all social media platforms which your targeted audience is using frequently. Thereafter, you can put forward the necessary details on the specific domain. Students generally use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 
  • Podium identification saves a lot of time and energy. It removes unnecessary folds between you and your customer. 

6. 24/7 Chatbot Engagement: 

  • To build deeper interests it is very much pertinent to have a 24/7 engagement with the student community. You can use Chatbot services to answer queries and grievances. A 24/7 engagement speeds up the admission process. 
  • Chatbots are on the rise in social media today. Having an exclusive chatbot for your institution not only promotes better engagement but also helps in branding the institution. 

7. Stakeholder Networking: 

  • To hold authority over the market, it is very much essential to have inputs from diverse people. They can be professors, R&D intellectuals, parents, alumni, industry professionals, or entrepreneurs. 
  • Better stakeholder networking promotes branding and ‘word-of-mouth referrals.’ It increases the market worth of the institution which helps in fundraising and expansion activities. 


As per the Global HubSpot Academy, the strategies/ action plans mentioned above holds much importance in dealing with the market crisis. The Education sector is on a global surge today, but nothing can be predicted on a larger scale seeing the recurrent obstructions in the economy. The Market follows a sinusoidal path and gracefully we are on a crest today. In order to tackle the approaching trough (economic depression) effectively, we need to put our self on a safer side with the help of digital marketing strategies.